Take a mental health day

Online Conference | May 26, 2017

Want to speak at Mental Health Day? Submit your idea! We're looking for topics that will help people maintain their personal sanity during a stressful day, or reframe their personal perspective about how to approach their work environment. Topics relating to mindfulness, positive psychology, boundary setting, confidence building, innovation and creativity, work/life balance, interpersonal relationships and more are all welcome. Be creative with your ideas! 

Questions? Reach out to contact@zenworkplace.com for more information!

Now, some logistics: 

- The call for proposals will be open until February 28, 2017. Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. The earlier you get it in, the better!

- All presenters will receive free registration for the conference, and 5 free passes to give away as a part of promoting your session. Attendees will also receive access to all the session ondemand.

- All sessions will be recorded in advance. You can record them on your own, or we will help you. You'll be invited to interact with attendees live in the online chat while your session is playing. Sessions will be no longer than 30 minutes in length.

Sound good? Submit your proposal here!

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